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Corporate Leisure Side Stalls, Fun Fair & Fairground Attractions

Fun fair, Big wheel fairground attraction

Indulge your guests' inner-children by incorporating a Corporate Leisure International Funfair into your event. From a single attraction at a fun day to a full eight-attraction Funfair in its own right, including fun food stands, prize stalls and entertainers, we can help you add all the fun of the fair to your occasion. We have spent many years cultivating excellent relationships with some of the country's finest Funfair operators and work closely with them to ensure all of our client's needs are both met and exceeded.

Fairground Attraction - Side stallsSide stall - fairground attractionFairground side stall

Add a carnival atmosphere to your fete, fun day corporate event or function with Corporate Leisure's fine array of stall games, where participants can win prizes for completing easy challenges. Choose from fairground favourites such as 'Ball in a Bucket' and 'Coconut Shie' to carnival classics like 'Hoopla' and 'Froggy Fly Fling'. Each of these fairground games come complete with prizes, stall and bunting, and are perfect for fundraising events, making them ideal for school fayres and charity days.

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Corporate Leisure International have great fairground attractions, fairground rides, fun fair, fun fair rides, Uk fun fairs and side stalls for family fun days, corporate events, fetes and much more. We will help you with event planning, party planning, corporate event ideas, event organisers and planning consultants available to help you with your event. all our services are providing all over the UK and Worldwide with more locations such Kent, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Essex, Surrey, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Sussex, Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

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